Inpatient Surgery and Procedure Costs at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

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Inpatient Procedure Costs at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

Listed below are up to 100 different surgical procedures performed by Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. These procedures are categorized by DRG code and the hospital's average charge for these procedures, along with their rank nationally is displayed.

Each DRG represents a variety of different diagnoses and can include different types of procedures. This data is best for high level comparison as different factors play into any hospital charges. If you click on the description you can see the various medical diagnoses encompassed by the DRG. Additionally you can search diagnoses to find the appropriate DRG for your research.

Diagnosis or Procedure Description Hospital's average charge Markup based on medicare reimbursement National average charge Hospital's Rank Details
Simple Pneumonia & Pleurisy With Complications $19,123.00 $11,690.00 $24,549.40 1354 out of 3023 Details
Heart Failure (Heart Failure & Shock With Major Complications) $22,864.00 $13,872.00 $35,901.90 780 out of 2687 Details
Heart Failure (Heart Failure & Shock With Complications) $17,442.00 $10,936.00 $23,518.00 1172 out of 2953 Details
G.i. Hemorrhage With Complications $22,314.00 $15,821.00 $25,399.50 1332 out of 2562 Details
Esophagitis, Gastroent & Misc Digest Disorders Without Major Complications $15,291.00 $10,229.00 $19,086.70 1313 out of 2950 Details
Neck, Back, Arms & Legs - Joint Replacement/Reattachment (e.g., hip, knee) (Major Joint Replacement Or Reattachment Of Lower Extremity Without Major Complications) $40,066.00 $26,508.00 $52,062.90 1013 out of 2750 Details
Misc Disorders Of Nutrition,metabolism,fluids/electrolytes Without Major Complications $14,085.00 $9,747.00 $16,703.60 1414 out of 2899 Details
Kidney & Urinary Tract Infections Without Major Complications $14,105.00 $9,298.00 $18,280.20 1263 out of 2989 Details
Septicemia Or Severe Sepsis W/o Mv 96+ Hours With Major Complications $29,842.00 $18,115.00 $45,935.00 876 out of 2812 Details