Ambulatory Payment Classificiation Codes

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released hospital billing data for the top 30 outpatient surgeries and procedures of 2011. Click a surgeryu or procedure from the list below to compare what different U.S. hospitals billed.

APC Code Outpatient Procedure Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) Description
APC 604 Level 1 Hospital Clinic Visits
APC 605 Level 2 Hospital Clinic Visits
APC 606 Level 3 Hospital Clinic Visits
APC 607 Level 4 Hospital Clinic Visits
APC 608 Level 5 Hospital Clinic Visits
APC 12 Level I Debridement & Destruction
APC 265 Level I Diagnostic And Screening Ultrasound
APC 690 Level I Electronic Analysis Of Devices
APC 19 Level I Excision/ Biopsy
APC 204 Level I Nerve Injections
APC 377 Level Ii Cardiac Imaging
APC 13 Level Ii Debridement & Destruction
APC 269 Level Ii Echocardiogram Without Contrast
APC 692 Level Ii Electronic Analysis Of Devices
APC 20 Level Ii Excision/ Biopsy
APC 209 Level Ii Extended Eeg, Sleep, And Cardiovascular Studies
APC 698 Level Ii Eye Tests & Treatments
APC 206 Level Ii Nerve Injections
APC 96 Level Ii Noninvasive Physiologic Studies
APC 368 Level Ii Pulmonary Tests
APC 15 Level Iii Debridement & Destruction
APC 267 Level Iii Diagnostic And Screening Ultrasound
APC 270 Level Iii Echocardiogram Without Contrast
APC 73 Level Iii Endoscopy Upper Airway
APC 207 Level Iii Nerve Injections
APC 369 Level Iii Pulmonary Tests
APC 78 Level Iii Pulmonary Treatment
APC 74 Level Iv Endoscopy Upper Airway
APC 203 Level Iv Nerve Injections
APC 336 Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Magnetic Resonance Angiography Wit