Outpatient Surgery and Procedure Costs at Craig General Hospital

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Outpatient Procedures

Listed below are up to 30 different outpatient procedures performed by Craig General Hospital. These procedures are categorized by APC code and the hospital's average charge for these procedures, along with their rank nationally is displayed.

Each APC represents a variety of different diagnoses and can include different types of procedures. This data is best for high level comparison as different factors play into any hospital charges.

Diagnosis or Procedure Description Hospital's Average Medical Billing for the Procedure Hospital's Charge vs. Medicare Reimbursement Difference National Average Covered Charge for Procedure Hospital's Rank for this diagnosis Details
Level Iii Pulmonary Treatment $304.00 $210.00 $593.80 516 out of 2304 Details
Level Ii Extended Eeg, Sleep, And Cardiovascular Studies $3,141.00 $2,399.00 $3,631.53 855 out of 1967 Details
Level I Diagnostic And Screening Ultrasound $300.00 $241.00 $487.04 569 out of 2739 Details
Level Iii Diagnostic And Screening Ultrasound $1,065.00 $920.00 $1,057.55 1854 out of 2998 Details
Level Ii Echocardiogram Without Contrast $1,391.00 $1,012.00 $1,970.56 916 out of 2898 Details
Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Magnetic Resonance Angiography Wit $2,190.00 $1,866.00 $2,611.02 1079 out of 2855 Details
Level Ii Pulmonary Tests $187.00 $130.00 $316.27 526 out of 2248 Details
Level Ii Cardiac Imaging $5,419.00 $4,704.00 $4,574.47 1902 out of 2564 Details