Ozarks Community Hospital's 2011 costs for Level Ii Pulmonary Tests

APC code: 368

2828 North National
Springfield, MO 65803

Region: : MO - Springfield

Diagnosis (apc) Description Level Ii Pulmonary Tests
Total 2011 Cases 212
Average amount Ozarks Community Hospital charged for this procedure in 2011 over total discharges $213.00
Average amount Medicare paid Ozarks Community Hospital for Level Ii Pulmonary Tests $54.00
Difference between what Ozarks Community Hospital charged and Medicare reimbursed the hospital for the procedure $159.00
Hospital's Markup: 394%
Average amount nationally charged for Level Ii Pulmonary Tests in 2011 over all cases $316.27
Medicare's National Average Total Reimbursement $59.19
Hospital's charge compared to the national average 33% lower
Hospital's Rank for this diagnosis 745 out of 2248 reported procedures
Percent of hospitals that are more expensive 67%